• "I imagine and make my little gems by hand in my atelier in Brussels. 

    Welcome to my little universe". Lou


My lovely bracelets!

Wadia, Anna and Najima go so well together. Three bracelets, different techniques! Lost wax method, braiding, engraving, etc. Everything is possible in the art of making jewelry!

Passion for what's artisanal. The authenticity in working hands.

Lou's dreaming, in her little safe haven.

Lou creates all of her pieces by hand in her beautiful atelier nested in the heart of Brussels. Tiroir de Lou stands for what's handmade, local & authentic. That's what we believe in.

Every month I have the pleasure of inviting you to my atelier!

A warm and cosy moment. We can meet eachother, talk, swap ideas over a glass of bubbles. Else I miss you too much! More info under "Contact".

Our lovely wooden displays, handmade by Lou's father.

Every object that you can find in my little showroom has a story. A stone that came home with me from a holiday, homemade cement-blocks, woven straw from this summer, etc.