Bracelet "Shining star" (18k gold)

Et si votre pierre de naissance vous accompagnait partout? C’est l’idée de ma capsule « Bonne Étoile ». Douze bracelets, douze couleurs, douze vibrations différentes. Ces petits cailloux parlent de nous, de notre âme, au même titre que nos signes astrologiques. Ce matin, je suis heureuse de vous présenter ces bijoux d’intention, porteur de sens… 

Bracelet "Shining star" (18k gold)

Reference: 10988

PÉPITE / Armband in 18k (geel) goud liefdevol met de hand gemaakt door Lou (en haar kleine team) in haar atelier genesteld in hartje Brussel. Lengte: 15,5 - 17,5 cm.

Wanneer je dit juweel bestelt, doe je een pre-order. Elk gouden sieraad wordt met erg veel zorg bij ons gemaakt, op aanvraag. De levertermijn bedraagt hierdoor 3 weken.

For the selection rigid bracelets Lou has provided you with different sizes. You can easily choose your size in the dropdown menu.

To define the size of your wrist, take a tape measure or a piece of wire. Twist it around your wrist where you would wear a watch. Add a finger under the tape measure and note down the obtained length. A word of advice: to avoid the bracelet being too tight, add another 1 or 2 cm. To give you an idea: a standard size bracelet for women is 17 cm.

PS: Lou strongly advises you to take your measurement. Deforming a bracelet without the help of a professional jeweler could weaken the metal.

S/M: 15 cm - 17 cm

M/L: 17,5 cm - 19 cm

This tiny gem is made of massive gold. You can wear it until the end of time without having to worry it will change color. Great news, right?

Each of our little jewels comes with a pretty little ethical pouch. Designed by us, they are handmade in Brussels from local, sustainable materials. We use recyclable materials for our parcels. 

We post your parcels within 2 to 4 working days of receiving your order. 

Please note that if you have chosen a small gold and/or personalised jewel, we will need 2 to 3 weeks to make it for you. This period increases to 8 weeks for jewellery from the Oh Happy Days collection. Thank you for your patience :-) 

+If this piece of jewellery is not to your liking, we will exchange it or refund your money. You have 14 days to inform us of your decision. This rule does not apply to ‘pre-orders’ (personalised or golden jewelry), which are produced especially for you.