Necklace "The Messenger" (silver 925)

J'ai imaginé ce pendentif comme une petite bouteille destinée à accueillir des mots. Vos mots. L'idée est d'y glisser des petits morceaux d'argent gravés selon vos envies et vos besoins. Je les ai appelés: "Les parchemins". Ce qui est magique, c'est qu'ils sont interchangeables. Car la vie n'est pas linéaire, car nos besoins et nos intentions évoluent d'un jour à l'autre. Avec ce gri-gri, je vous invite à les questionner et je vous propose de les matérialiser. De les ancrer dans la matière et de les porter au plus près de votre cœur. Je crois en la puissance des mots, en leurs vibrations, en le pouvoir que nous pouvons décider de leur donner. Je crois aussi en l'importance de l'introspection et en la puissance de l'intention. Porter le mot "courage" près de mon cœur, me donne de la force. Le mot "amour" me rend plus douce. Le mot "magie" me connecte à plus grand que moi. 

Necklace "The Messenger" (silver 925)

Reference: 11086

PÉPITE / Necklace in silver 925 lovingly handmade by Lou (and her small team) in her atelier nested in the heart of Brussels. Length: 52 - 56 cm. 2 year guarantee. 

When your order this gem, you're actually doing a preorder. Every piece of jewelry is handmade by us with a lot of care, on request. This is why the delivery term is 3 weeks.

A word of warning: the parchment is not fixed in the bottle. To prevent it escaping, we advise you to avoid sleeping, swimming or playing sport with your Messenger around your neck.

I'm a piece of jewelry in massive silver. You can wear me until the end of time. If, however, I'm starting to oxydate, don't panic: simply brush me with some warm water, a bit of baking soda (or toothpaste) and soap.

Each of our little jewels comes with a pretty little ethical pouch. Designed by us, they are handmade in Brussels from local, sustainable materials. We use recyclable materials for our parcels. 

We post your parcels within 2 to 4 working days of receiving your order. 

Please note that if you have chosen a small gold and/or personalised jewel, we will need 2 to 3 weeks to make it for you. This period increases to 8 weeks for jewellery from the Oh Happy Days collection. Thank you for your patience :-) 

+If this piece of jewellery is not to your liking, we will exchange it or refund your money. You have 14 days to inform us of your decision. This rule does not apply to ‘pre-orders’ (personalised or golden jewelry), which are produced especially for you.